Are you looking for something to get your staff together?  Want to organise fun team building events in London to include everyone?  We do travel, upon request. We think you should all learn to play the ukulele with us! Watch the video of our workshop with LOCOG (the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) to get an idea of how how it works.

We come along with 10-100 ukuleles, and have you and your colleagues or friends play a song within an hour for the ‘power hour’ or you can have 2 hours including a break and learn 1-3 songs.  Ukulele is good for morning, lunchtime, or Friday afternoon ice breakers. We can incorporate competitions games to make you work as a team, or if you’re already familiar with each other, you can learn a few songs in groups and compete with each other, or give a live performance to or make a music video for other people within or out of your company. If you want a memento of the day, we can film it for you. If you want to buy ukuleles to present to your staff, we can source these and tune them up for you in advance of the workshop.  You can learn 1 song in an hour, or go for 2-3 songs over 2 hours (with a half time break). You could have a half or full day of ukulele if you want to learn a lot in a crash course.  You can battle it out in teams against one another, or have groups playing together. You’ll have to listen to each other and work together to make music. The ukulele is easier than most instruments to play, you will make music in an hour. We encourage you to sing together too. (Don’t worry, we can’t sing either!) The whole effect will leave your staff smiling, laughing and singing or at the very least humming. Literally everyone can get involved!