New Learn To Uke YouTube video! – How To Tune Your Ukulele – Tutorial

If you want to grab a ukulele tuner or see more info, please see our blog:

New Learn To Uke YouTube video! – My Edited Video

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

The Ukulele – Scientifically Proven To Make You Happy?

11 Scientific Ways To Be Happy, including play the ukulele!

We, naturally agree, it has been proven that many of our students and attendees at Ukulele Wednesdays find pleasure and happiness in their ukulele playing. We love this infographic ’11 Scientific Ways To Be Happy’.



According to this infographic, apparently edited from the original Funders and Founders infographic ’10 Scientific Ways To Be Happy’, which they had taken and simplified from the rather more wordy and detailed blog from Buffer. I’d love to know who copied the font and added in the ukulele to the silhouette’s hand. I’d love to credit the author for this great stuff!