Thrash Your Ukulele! It’s Punk for a Day Day

Punk, a term meaning “beginning or novice”, first came into the world of music referring to bands that were more grinding garage rock sound than the technically excellent sound of former musicians. Coming out of the hippie rock era, punk started out with ground-breakers like the Velvet Underground and shock rockers like Alice Cooper.

It rocketed into the underground in New York and London, where New York set the stage, and London Punk Rockers stole it, with bands like the Sex Pistols and the Ramones creating the image for what Punk was and what it was going to become.

History of Punk For a Day

Punk For a Day Day was established to celebrate the long and storied history of Punk Rock. This amazing and powerful counter-culture movement completely revolutionized rock music and the face of the musical world at large. All of this on the heels of the revolutionary hippie movement, the punk rock movement took the hope and light of their predecessors and rolled it together with a rage-filled cynicism the likes of which would make Nietzche proud.

How to Celebrate Punk For A Day

The simplest way to celebrate is to strum some punk songs today. Start off with Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones and move into Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day maybe someEver Fallen in Love by the Buzzcocks and finish off with a bit of Psycho Killer by Talking Heads. All of these are in the Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook.

If you’re feeling a bit more outlandish throw on your favorite old band shirts, spike out your hair, and wrap it all in leather to relive the days of your wasted youth. Get together with your old punk friends and host a Punk for a Day Day party, rocking out to your favorite tunes and wearing your old punk clothes to really bring back the days of yore.