That’s right!  Be Happy And Play Ukulele!

Have you seen one of these tote bags around London town?  We’ve been giving these bags to our students for a few years.  It all came about after we make them for a few friends, partly as a joke to annoy one friend who hates the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ phenomena.  Then, other people started asking about them, and would ask us where they could buy one, so we started giving these lovely bags, emblazoned ‘Be Happy And Play Ukulele’ a few years ago.  We think it’s good advice, that you should heed!

Here’s a blue one:

Be Happy And Play Ukulele Bag

Photo comp!  Tweet us with a bag sighting!

Our bags have been spotted out and about on our ex and current students, if you look at our twitter account, you’ll see our RT’s a few of the latest people sporting them!  Tweet us with a photo if you spot one around town!

Do you want one of these lovely bags for yourself?  Pop along to our booking page and get yourself on the next course then!

We look forward to strumming with you very soon!