Beginners 2 Uke | 4 Weeks | £79.99

  • 2 hours per week
  • Move on from the basics, look at syncopated rhythms and easy melody picking
  • Fast paced ‘crash’ course, 3 well-known, popular songs per week
  • Over 18’s. Held in a pub, you can drink responsibly
  • Inclusive, fun class, socially strum too

When is the next Beginners 2 Class?

After you’ve mastered the basic chords (including that lovely E and Bb chord) and a range of strums in your 4 week absolute beginners course, you’ll be ready for more! The Beginners 2 course is a stepping stone to the Intermediate course material. If you want to explore position 1 chords, lots more strums, and songs before moving onto extra rhythms and barre chords in Intermediate, this is the course for you!

Course Overview:

Beginners 2 – more chords and strumming new and syncopated rhythms

When is the next Beginners 2 Class?

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