Intermediate 2 Uke | 4 Weeks | £79.99

  • 2 hours per week
  • Learn a little bit of musical theory relating to the ukulele, with more barre chords and picking
  • Fast paced ‘crash’ course, 3 well-known, popular songs per week
  • Over 18’s. Held in a pub. Drink responsibly.
  • Inclusive, fun class, socially strum, too.

When is the next Intermediate 2 Class?

The intermediate 2 ukulele course follows on from our intermediate (best to do both if you’ve not been with us before), which gave an introduction to these concepts. In this course you’ll cover more barre chords, picking and a little bit of basic theory.

Course Overview:

Intermediate 2 Ukulele Course – More Barre Chords and Picking.

“It’s a lovely way to spend an evening with an old pal because for once, you don’t wake up and go to work the next day feeling awful, instead you’ve learnt something new. It’s a productive yet relaxing way to spend a work night. You get surprisingly far in the two hour session and play a range of new and old songs. Everyone strums away, often playing the wrong chord at the wrong time whilst also bellowing/singing. It’s like the most fun school assembly you’ve ever been to. With a bar.”


When is the next Intermediate 2 Class?

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