Ukulele Taster Class | £28 | 1 hour

  • Absolutely no musical experience necessary

  • Relaxed pub setting, over 18’s only

  • We provide you with a ukulele for the session

When is the next Taster Class?

Ukulele Taster Class | £28 | 1 hour

Want to try it out before committing to 4 weeks? Don’t own a ukulele? Want a gift for a friend? At our Ukulele Taster Session, we provide the ukes and everything you need to get you playing. So come, and road test the ukulele! Try it out with fellow pupils during a fun-filled two-hour group workshop, the ‘ukulele taster class’.

Workshop Overview:

Everyone should take this class! It’s fun, friendly, in a pub, and a great way to try out an EASY unique, fun, happy instrument. In this inclusive session, you can use one of use our ready-tuned ukuleles and learn a load of easy playing techniques under the caring eye of a very experienced ukulele tutor. You’ll learn how to hold and strum a ukulele, and some easy chords. We guarantee you’ll play at least 1 song before the session ends (Singing is optional but encouraged!) You will progress at a speedy pace, and go through a choice of popular songs.
Since this is the original ukulele taster class, with a very experienced ukulele teacher, it’s fun, and you should bring your friends along! It’s held in a pub, it’s easy, and it’s something different to do after work. Everyone knows that all the cool kids play ukulele!

“It’s a lovely way to spend an evening with an old pal because for once, you don’t wake up and go to work the next day feeling awful, instead you’ve learnt something new. It’s a productive yet relaxing way to spend a work night. You get surprisingly far in the two hour session and play a range of new and old songs. Everyone strums away, often playing the wrong chord at the wrong time whilst also bellowing/singing. It’s like the most fun school assembly you’ve ever been to. With a bar.”


When is the next Taster Class?

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