Learn To Uke Alumni Band/Choir

You are invited! We are now calling our Learn To Uke Alumni Band the Learn To Uke Choir, due to the number of people who take part, it makes more sense as a way to describe it to people who want to book us for performances. For the rehearsals and performances, we will focus on ukulele parts so you can choose to play rhythm or finger style as there will be options for both as well as vocal harmonies. Moving forward, despite the name ‘Uke Choir’ you can choose to opt out of the singing and focus solely on the picking/musicianship if you prefer.

Why should I join?

You’ll have fun, meet new people and learn/perform brilliant arrangements of well-known songs. The vocals and the ukuleles will be split into different parts, so, rather than strumming away at the same thing, you’ll learn your part, and you’ll be part of a happy, harmonious ensemble.

Is it only for expert players or singers?

In a word, no! It’s open and arranged specifically to flatter all levels of ability, so don’t feel like you need to be a virtuoso singer or player. The sum will sound brilliant because of all its parts. They are a very likeable and social group who will offer friendly advice and encouragement, especially if you are new to the group. We’re in the 4th/5th incarnation and most people decide to continue as it’s fun and great to see your progress.

How many people can be in Uke Choir?

The Uke Choir will be limited to a maximum of 28 players and singers.

Will you be doing one every month?

No, because it’s a longer course with a deeper focus on performance, there will only be a maximum of 2 Uke Choirs per year leading up to summer festival performances then winter performances (fingerless gloves will be needed.)

How much time will I have to spend practicing?

You’ll receive the video tutorials in your inbox to cover the song in parts, so spend as much time as you need to learning that alone at home, then meet up with the others to rehearse.

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Ukulele Choir

The Inaugral Uke Choir – 2013

This was the first Uke Choir, in 2013. They sang beautifully and, after 6 weeks of rehearsing 3 songs in parts, they played their first gig, with the Communities Minister, Don Foster at a press call for the Big Gig Launch at St Pancras Station at 8.30am on Thursday 25 April 2013. Then, they played a larger gig for their friends and family that Saturday.



This was the first full band/choir performance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Concert for Winter, 2016:

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For upcoming performance updates, please follow @ukechoir ‘like’ on fb and share this link if you want to get us a gig!