Lorraine's ukulele


We are often asked for our recommendations about which ukuleles to buy, so we’ve compiled a bit of information to help you along, here.

So… you’re thinking about buying a ukulele?  We say that you should just DO IT!  You won’t look back, as it’s a fun, sociable and portable instrument.

ukuleles on the wall

Try to resist buying lots of brothers and sisters for the new addition to your family, though.  Ukuleles are very addictive. There’s a ‘thing’ Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. (UAS).  You have been warned!

How much should I spend?

On your first ukulele, I don’t recommend spending a lot of money.  A little bit like a car, when you’re learning you might have a few bumps.  You can buy a cheap ukulele for about £30-40.  You can definitely spend more, and, if you have musical experience and know you’ll stick with it, then do that, but if you have no musical experience and you don’t know if you’ll play for a few years, then just get a basic ukulele that sounds good.

Here’s a list of ukulele brands we recommend, in alphabetical order, with a rough guide on price. Click the name/price you prefer to purchase one via Amazon.

Brunswick £30-100

Kala £50-150

Lanikai £50-150

Makala £35-45

Stagg £30-45

Before you know it, you’ll have Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome (UAS) and end up with a bunch of other (possibly more expensive) ukes, but for now start small until you know you’ll stick with it, and do stick with it!