We like to offer the creme de la creme of workshops to our alumni. We have visiting ukulele virtuosos and world renowned performers come and keep our ex students abreast with the best.

Uke Lounge

We (Andy, Lorraine and Nick) have been approached by lots of fellow ukers who want a chance to play in a context somewhere between a workshop and a jam session. Some brave folk are even eager to perform — in public! We know that workshops are great for continued practice and learning to play and sing together in some parts, and we all know how much fun a jam session at Ukulele Wednesdays can be; but we agree that it is time to take your feedback on board, and try something new.

We’ve secured space at The Prince of Wales Feathers and we’re really excited to pull this concept together. The idea is we enjoy a good meal then crack on into a session in which we’ll learn to both play and sing in parts, so we can perform a song as a group. Think the skill development of a workshop meets the fun group atmosphere of a jam night, with the goal of shaping a team of finely tuned musicians over 7 evenings of fun social dinners and a structured jam/boozy practice.

The details are below and we hope to see you there!

Read all about it and see all the upcoming Wednesday dates.

Ukulele Workshop in London with Manitoba Hal

Canadian Ukulele Blues Star Manitoba Hal joins us for a Ukulele Workshop

I am really chuffed to announce a workshop with the inimitable Canadian blues ukulele player, Manitoba Hal, primarily for our alumni students, but, since Hal only has 1 London workshop date, we’re happy to share him! Places are very limited, so book here if you want to join the fun.

As most of you will know, Hal is a tour de force. He banishes plinky plonky hula ukey in favour of accomplished blues riffs. The video below was Ukulele Hunt’s video of the year 2010.  It really is something to see and hear. Hell, don’t take my word for it. Listen to it for yourself:

Here’s his official blurb:

Manitoba Hal is one of Canada’s most well known ukulele players. He is also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter. Hal proves that the uke can be small but mighty as he pulls out powerful blues riffs and melodies.

Hal uses a looping technology to produce a one-man-band experience, adding subtle but important background beats to his extraordinary ukulele strumming and riffing. Many wouldn’t associate the ukulele as a blues instrument, but Hal takes out all the hula, leaving only room for deep blues to prevail. After his grandfather gave him a uke in ’95, Hal found that it transferred easily from his blues guitar style, complimenting his combination of finger picking and strumming, and gospel vocal style.


Hal will be performing for workshop attendees after the workshop, so come down and share a burger with us beforehand and stick around afterwards. You won’t regret it!

Hal’s UK tour is being organised by the lovely people behind the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. You can see more information here. (Thank you also for the tour poster, designed by Shelley Rickey

Want to come along? Grab your ticket here, whilst stocks last! [this event was in the past]

Tonight is Ukulele Wednesdays SEVENTH Birthday!

Here’s some old photos to commemorate it.

Seven years ago, to the day, we formed our little group, huddled around a table at the Royal George. Today, Ukulele Wednesdays spans 3 venues and attracts hundreds of ukulele players each week.

Want to take a quick look back? Here’s the very first Ukulele Wednesdays!



Trip to the George Formby Convention

Trip to the George Formby Convention 15 & 16 March 2014

george formby ukulele convention

OK, so it’s a ‘thing’. We’re going to Blackpool on a field trip to join in the ‘thrash’, workshops, and to check out the amazing banjoleles that are on sale at the George Formby Convention.

Fancy it? You really should! We can book your travel and accommodation, so we’ll all travel together, heading up to Blackpool on Saturday morning and heading back down on the Sunday late afternoon, arriving back in London around 7 or 8pm.

Want to join us? We’ll book your travel and accommodation.

Book your place here