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Ukulele Set Up for Left Handed Ukulele Players…

Left Hand

Q: When you talk about how to play left handed what do you mean by needing to change bridge and neck? Could my local instrument shop do that for me? Also i read somewhere else about need to fix the nuts also? Im confused and just want to know how to fix this so that i can go about playing my uke as quickly as possible. [sic]

A: Since most of this blog is aimed at beginner ukulele players, I’ve never talked about changing the bridge and neck before, but since you ask: If your local instrument shop has a decent luthier there, they could easily take care of this relatively cheaply for you. Or, you could do it yourself. Music shop prices vary from location to location and from the date I write this. I’m a ukulele teacher not a luthier, so it’s probably best that you ask them for more information about their services and prices.

If you just want to get playing, and you want the simplest way to set up your ukulele to play left handed quickly, I recommend changing the middle 2 strings around, as recommended in this post. If you want to know how to change your strings, please see this video. If you’re new to the ukulele, this should be sufficient to get you strumming for now. Later on, when you’ve spent quite a bit of money on a top-notch ukulele, then you might want to take it to a music shop or change the set up yourself, but I reckon to get you started, you’ll be fine just switching the strings around. I’ve seen many people do just that and stick with that same uke with great results for years.

Read the pros and cons of playing right vs left here.

Grab yourself a left handed chord chart from here.

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Lorraine Bow – Ukulele Teacher

Lorraine Bow is the founder of Ukulele Wednesdays, KaraUke and Learn To Uke. It’s all a bit ironic, really, as she was seemingly deemed unmusical at school, but she found music later on in her life. For this reason, she loves nothing more than spreading the love of the ukulele. Her favourite students are those that practice and enjoy their new found skills.

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London Summer School – Ukulele Taster Class…

I was asked to do a ukulele taster class for Eventbrite, in London in July. Tom Maya took some photos. Here they are!


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Ukulele Workshop with Del Rey

Ukulele Workshop with Ukulele Blues Queen Del Rey. 10 September.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I announce Learn To Uke’s first blues workshop with with the brilliant virtuosic Blues Queen – Del Rey. She takes the ukulele to a new level, and will have you playing the blues either with chords or picking if you want to, by ear. Then, stick around and you’ll be wowed when see her play a show for you. Everyone who’s seen her comes away impressed. Don’t miss it!


Del Rey’s Biography:

I started playing guitar when I was four. At the age of thirteen I was introduced to the world of traditional acoustic music, when a friend and I stumbled into a concert at Folk Arts Rare Records in San Diego. About 20 people were sitting on the floor under the record bins listening to a kid named Tom Waits play his original songs.


Lou Curtiss, proprietor of Folk Arts and artistic director of the San Diego Folk Festival suggested I quit wasting my time playing “Stairway to Heaven” and listen to some Memphis Minnie. He put me on stage with Sam Chatmon when I was fourteen, and introduced me to Lydia Mendoza and Howard Armstrong. Lou gave me recordings that still influence everything I do on solo acoustic guitar. I soaked up country blues, stride piano, classic jazz and hillbilly boogie. It was a musical education hanging around the record shop.

Thirty years later, I became fascinated with the ukulele. I try to play the same kind of complicated rhythmic blues and ragtime on four strings as on six. I expect a lot out of the little instrument.

“The ‘ukulele taken to a new level of musicianship”. (John Book)

“Virtuosic in just the right way, which is to say, in order to realize a musical idea. A very nice unlikely blend of things, accessible, slightly nostalgic, but fresh and thoughtful. ” (CD Baby review, “At The Ukeshack #1)

I play solo concerts world wide and also present a concert/lecture on women musicians called Women In American Music. I also collaborate and tour frequently with Steve James, Suzy Thompson and Adam Franklin.

I’ve contributed to projects in honor of The Mississippi Sheiks, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Johnny Cash. I occasionally write about music for various publications, including Acoustic Guitar.

My latest full-length album, featuring Suzy Thompson, Matt Weiner and Hans Teuber is Art Walk. I also have a recent ukulele and guitar duet sampler out with Adam Franklin called Rocket Red and Ruby Chard. All albums available from Hobemian Records

  • Rocket Red and Ruby Chard with Adam Franklin 2014
  • Art Walk 2014
  • Four and Six 2012
  • Hen Party with Suzy Thompson 2010
  • Blue Uke 2008
  • At The Ukeshack #1 with Matt Weiner 2007
  • When The Levee Breaks 2006
  • Tonight with Steve James 2004
  • Why Say No? with The Yes Yes Boys 2002
  • Twins with Steve James 2002
  • X-Rey Guitar 2000
  • Hot Sauce1995
  • Boogie Mysterioso 1993
  • I recorded a 45rpm record in 2010, the proceeds of which benefit Transportation Choices Coalition. With Del Rey and the Blues Gators I recorded Chartruese (Hobemian 1991) and Cafe Society (Kicking Mule 1985).

I’m sure you’re all excited now, so do…

Book a ticket to Del Rey’s workshop here. [this event was in the past]