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Ukulele Workshop in London with Virtuoso, James Hill.

Ukulele Workshop with Ukulele Virtuoso, James Hill. 17 June.

James Hill and Anne Janelle

It is with the greatest pleasure that I announce another workshop with with the wonderful James Hill and Anne Janelle. If you didn’t already know, James is one of three true ukulele virtuosos that I am aware of in the world. The words ‘ukulele virtuoso’ are used liberally by some to describe guitarists who are able to hack and play lead lines on a ukulele, but I know of only three actual ukulele virtuosos. In June 2015, you’ll get to have a workshop with one of them. Very exciting!

Even better than that, you’ll get double the fun. The amazing Anne Janelle (James’s wife, and incredibly talented partner in crime – a phenomenal cellist, performer and recording artist.) will be with him. They are in town is because of Anne’s tour.


James Hill’s Biography:

A singer, songwriter, educator and virtuoso instrumentalist, James Hill is a man on a musical mission.  It’s a mission that reaches beyond the concert stage and into communities, homes and classrooms around the world.  After all, what’s left when the applause fades and the bright lights go dark?  Perhaps only the sound of ukuleles strumming happily into the night…

So. If all this excites  you, then you can

Book a ticket to James’s workshop here.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy a Ukulele

New Bag Design – Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy a Ukulele…

And That’s Close…

If you would like an update to the ubiquitous ‘Keep Calm’ inspired bags, then we’ve got the perfect thing for you. Designed by the wonderful Sira, these cute little bags, folders and pens come free with each course you book.

Take another look:


Mother’s Day Gift Idea… A Ukulele Taster Class!

Are you behind with your shopping? Wondering what to get your Mama, Mum, Ma for Mothers Day? Well, since a few people have booked their Mum’s onto our Ukulele Taster Class, we thought we’d throw that out there as an idea. If your Mum’s free next Thursday, the 19th March, she can come along to the Goldsmith Pub and Dining Room in SE1 and enjoy their lovely, and reasonably priced cocktails, and learn to strum at least 1 song in the hour. It’s fun, friendly and your Mum will love it!

Grab your Mum a Ukulele Taster Class Gift Voucher.

Ukulele Hen Parties

Hen parties are a time for sisterhood. Hen do’s mark the rites of passage into marriage, and get all the ladies together to enjoy a fun time with the rest of the girls. Our hen do’s come in partnership with The Goldsmith Pub and Kitchen, and they make an Amazing Afternoon Tea, complete with sparkles and cocktails.

Did you know that the ukulele can be used, to great effect as part of a hen do? Book your hen party with us and we will bring our ukuleles, and teach you and your group all the basics to get you strumming. You can request a song, and, if it’s simple enough to play on the ukulele, we’ll learn that during your time. Here’s one we made earlier:

If you want to use our arrangement of ‘Going to the Chapel’ You can download that here

We look forward to strumming with you.

Contact us about your hen party.