Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Did you know that today (31 January) is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day? Today is a day you should consider how art inspires your heart, through whichever medium you prefer. Some people like sculpture, some like drawing and painting, some people like graphics, some like photography, others enjoy film/movies. We enjoy dance and music and we (obviously) love to teach people how to play the ukulele. We don’t teach people how to make ukuleles, but you can do that with this with this Ukulele DIY Kit, Make Your Own 21 Inch Ukulele Basswood 4 String Ukulele Make Set, with a lovely Heart soundhole. Click here if you want to grab one and inspire your heart with art today!

The ‘Harry Potter’ Approach to Ukulele Buying


Want to buy a ukulele? Not really sure what to buy? For the first ukulele, you don’t usually have a frame of reference. In the early days, I would recommend spending a small amount of money, until you know you enjoy playing and you want to stick with it. Don’t get me wrong, don’t go too cheaply, so that the uke is un-tune-able. If you’re fending for yourself for your first ukulele, refer to these recommendations to help you with buying your first ukulele. Then, when you’ve been playing for a while you might want to upgrade. It’s at this point that people usually ask me ‘what is the next ukulele that I should buy’ or ‘what brand do you recommend’. I like lots of brands of ukuleles, and you’ll find plenty of reviews out there but I think it’s a bit like asking ‘what car should I buy’ or ‘what bike should I buy’. It really depends what you want to do with it – are you planning to play lots of melody? Might you need a low G string? Are you planning to play gigs with other instruments? Will you need a pick-up in it so you can be amplified or will a microphone do? Do you prefer a mellow or a bright sound? I don’t know – these are all subjective preferences, like everything in life.

For me, buying a new ukulele is a bit like that scene in Harry Potter… You know, the scene where he needs to buy his wand and he wanders (yes, pun intended) into the shop seemingly bewildered? Then, as magic happpens – the wand that’s meant for him flies at him. The wand chooses Harry:

That’s how I think about ukulele buying. I walk into a shop, play a few of them and and the ukuleles choose me. I’ve bought several instruments like that. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. Like when I go out for one drink, but that’s a different story. With ukuleles, I like to walk into a shop, feel it and hear the instrument I’m going to buy. That’s worked for me with my guitar (oo-er, the G word) and also with ukuleles. I’ve got a feel for them and have known they were ‘the one’ when I’ve played them. I’m sure the same will happen for you. Go in, play your favourite song. If you like the feel and sound of it, buy it and give yourself hours of fun. It helps when you know what you’re feeling for. I like ukes with low action, that sound good whether  you play melody or chords. But that’s just me.

It’s around this point where UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome, to the uninitiated) comes in. You may well also get bitten by the bug and buy a new uke for every day of the week. There are lots of people who have more ukuleles than they can play, some have entire walls filled with them. Not me, oh no. Obviously not me…

ukuleles on the wall





Mother’s Day Gift Idea… A Ukulele Taster Class!

Are you behind with your shopping? Wondering what to get your Mama, Mum, Ma for Mothers Day? Well, since a few people have booked their Mum’s onto our Ukulele Taster Class, we thought we’d throw that out there as an idea. If your Mum’s free next Thursday, the 19th March, she can come along to the Goldsmith Pub and Dining Room in SE1 and enjoy their lovely, and reasonably priced cocktails, and learn to strum at least 1 song in the hour. It’s fun, friendly and your Mum will love it!

Grab your Mum a Ukulele Taster Class Gift Voucher.

How to tune your ukulele

How to tune your ukulele:  Grab a clip on ukulele tuner!

Ukulele Tuner - tune to the notes G C E A

For (smallest to largest size) sopranino, soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles, the ukulele strings are tuned to the notes (from nose to knees) G, C, E, A.  All ukuleles (except for baritones) are tuned in this way using these notes. Played ‘open’ (that means not pressing your fingers down on any strings, and just strumming), this makes the chord of C6 or Am7.

For the same sizes as above, there is an alternative traditional English tuning – D6/Bm7 – A, D F#, B. Baritone ukuleles are tuned D, G, B, E and bass ukuleles are tuned E, A, D, G. For all stringed instruments, there are also other lesser-known tunings. You can tune up how you like, but each time you change the tuning, the chord shapes are different, and it might be trickier to find music that has the correct chord shapes.


If you’re musically trained, you might tune up by ear. If you’re new to music, you’ll probably need assistance. You can get a free app on your phone to help you to find which note each string is tuned to, but they aren’t great if you’re in a noisy environment with other ukulele players. As the ukulele is a very social instrument, I recommend you get a clip on ukulele tuner, which works by detecting the frequency of vibrations of your ukulele to tell you which note it is. In short, it works better in noisy environments and tends to be more accurate.

Here’s a video to help you to use it for the first time:

If you don’t (yet) have a clip on ukulele tuner as it says in the video, then grab yourself one of these:


Have you already got your ukulele, here are some recommendations, here.

How to play the G chord, here.

See how to play Bb chord on the ukulele, here.

How to play the E chord, on the ukulele here.

Get a free ukulele chord chart (and help with how to read it) from here.

Do you want 6 basic strum patterns to get you going? See more here.

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