Want to Plug Your Ukulele In Here’s How…

Do you share the place you live in and want to practice without causing friction? Or, do you want to play gigs and plug your ukulele into a venue personal address system (PA system) or your own amp/speaker? There are a number of ways to do this.

Firstly, you’ll need an electric ukulele or electro-acoustic ukulele. A purely electric ukulele usually doesn’t make a lot of sound unless it’s plugged in, as it won’t have a body or a soundhole, whereas an electro-acoustic is much like a regular ukulele, but it has a ‘pick up’, meaning that you have a way to plug it in to an amplifier or headphones, using cables or a wireless transmitter. Next, you’ll need a way to attach it to the amp/sound desk, either by using an XLR lead and a jack lead, connected via a DI box, which is like a translator from the ukulele to the sound desk. There are also wireless transmitters. These have 2 separate parts that communicate with each other wirelessly, but one part might need wires in order to connect it to power or the sound desk. Take a look at amplification paraphernalia, here.

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