How to use an electronic ukulele tuner

Want to tune your ukulele?  Grab a clip on ukulele tuner!

Ukulele Tuner - tune to the notes G C E A

Ukulele strings are tuned to the notes (from nose to knees) G, C, E, A.  All ukuleles (except for baritones) are tuned in this way using these notes. Played ‘open’ (that means not pressing your fingers down on any strings, and just strumming), this makes the chord of C6, or Am7.

There is an alternative traditional English tuning – D6 – A, D F#, B, and other lesser known tunings. You can tune up how you like, but the chord shapes are different, and it’s tricker to find music for the D tuning, or other types of tunings.


Would you prefer a video to help you to do this this?  Here you go!

If you don’t (yet) have a clip on ukulele tuner as it says in the video, then grab yourself one of these:


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