On the 7th day of Ukemas, my true love gave to me… “Pete & Dom’s Cookie’s Brimming”

“The 12 Days of Ukemas. What IS that?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s nearly Christmas. The time of love, family, food, caring and consumerism is very nearly upon us. It’s not always a happy time for everyone, so we’ve decided to counter it and do something nice, and raise money for a worthy organisation, Ukuleles for Peace. To do this, we’re giving away some amazing prizes, and some OK prizes, with UK postage included*. All the prizes are wonderful, but they’re especially wonderful if you’re a ukulele player! It’s essentially an online raffle that we’re having. Donate some cash to help us reach our goal of £1200 in 12 days** We’ll pull the names out of a hat on 14 December and post you your prize – hopefully in time for Ukemas. To enter, to win one of our awesome prizes, please go here: https://www.youcaring.com/12DaysOfUkeMas

*If you’re further afield than the UK, we’ll ask you to cover the postage cost of your prize.
**We’ll accept donations after the prize.

Today’s prize. “Pete & Dom’s Cookie’s Brimming”

Pete & Dom, as in Peter who often leads at Ukulele Wednesdays at the Albany, have a new company, making bespoke cooking experiences for everyone. At your house, or at their house. Check them out here. They’ve offered to make ukulele cookies for winners of this competition. It’d be better if you lived in London, as they can give them to you in person at Ukulele Wednesdays, but they’re happy to post, if not. They are delicious. We all ate this one here:

Ukulele cookie

Pete And Dom’s Cookie’s Brimming

If you want to win this prize, and also raise money for Ukuleles For Peace, please go here.

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