Brush Up Your Performance with our Ukulele Summer School

I am so excited about our upcoming workshops that I had to write about it so you can see them all in one place. For every Tuesday in June I’ve brought specialists in their field to help you hone various ukulele related skills. Without further ado, here’s the list:

Tuesday 20 June – Write a song and perform it on stage with Tricity Vogue
Learn the art of songwriting by writing a song together – and then perform it at Ukelele Cabaret with Tricity Vogue. We’ll use well-tried tricks and techniques to pick a theme, choose a style, shape the chords and melody, and create a catchy tune with a singalong chorus.
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Tuesday 27 June – Prepare For Your Open Mic with Lord Hicks
Whether you’ve played at a few open mic nights or you like the idea of it but have yet to dip your toe in, this workshop will help you consider your performance and bring your A-game with Lord Hicks.
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Tuesday 11 July – Make A Music Video with Low-Key Ukulele
If you’ve always fancied covering your favourite song or recording your own original material and uploading it to YouTube, but want to be a bit more creative, this workshop will get you started.
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Tuesday 6 June – Develop Your Musical Ear with Robin Brown
If you’ve always wanted to know how to work out what chords are being played in a song or what the strumming pattern is, these two workshops will help you to do exactly that.

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