Calling All London Ukulele Players! This Saturday!

Calling All London Ukulele Players!

Do you live in London and play the ukulele? Do you like dressing up in a 1940’s fashion?  Want a fun video with you playing White Christmas in it, to send to your family and friends at Christmas?

Can you spare 3 hours in the daytime on Saturday 2 November, from 11am-3pm?

Perfect! This is your big chance! Read on for all the info:

What do I have to do?

1. Learn the chords to a song:  White Christmas.

The chords are super simple and you will probably play the song through once and then probably a 2nd time through – double time (at double the speed). The whole video will be approx 1.5 minutes long.

Click here for the chords & here for the sound file of how you will probably play the song. (strumming pattern: D DU DU DU)

2.  Tell all your friends!

They are trying to get 50 uke players there for the shoot so if you have any friends who do, and might be interested please send them these details!

3.  Tell the organisers you’re coming!

There is only space on camera for 50 people, so they’d like to know if you’re definitely coming, so they don’t get oversubscribed to.  Just send an email to

4. Put on a costume.  What kind?

Women should wear a dark, plain dress (black, brown, gray, dark blue, dark purple etc), sheer tights and black shoes. Please wear your hair curled and in a pony tail if this is possible. and if you can bring some sort of ribbon for your hair (that can be tied into a bow). If you don’t have a curling iron we can curl it when you arrive. If you have any strands of pearls or gold chain necklaces please wear that.

Ideally a dress with a vintage feel to it (1940s is the era!) They’re filming in black & white so exact colours don’t matter.

Men should wear a dark suit (black, brown, gray, navy blue etc), a white shirt, dark dress shoes and a bow tie (if you have one), otherwise a solid tie. Please wear a trilby or vintage style hat if you have one.

4. Turn up!  Where?

Nearest tube – Elephant & Castle and Kennington.

Studio Boardroom
22b Iliffe Yard
Off Amelia Street
Kennington Park
SE17 3QA

When? 11am-2pm (approx) on Saturday 2nd November.

The company will provide snacks and drinks & will try to get you in and out as quickly as possible.  If you like playing ukulele, meeting others and dressing up, it will be a fun experience!

Why? What is this all about?

It’s Christmas teaser trailer, for A Quick Fortune – a web series  in a 1940s screwball comedy style.  Coming out next year. The overall plot is something like this:

The main character Archie is on his own singing White Christmas for a short while, Kate enters playing the ukulele, much to his dismay as she’s stealing his limelight.  Archie continues, but is irked. The camera will pan out to reveal some back up vocalists, and Archie gets even grumpier. Then the camera pans out a final time to reveal 50 ukulele players, playing White Christmas.  This is the final straw.

As it’s a Christmas song, you will be able to use the video to wish your friends & family a Merry Christmas in a fun way.

More about the web series:

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