How Can I Use The Ukulele For Stress Relief?

What are the Stress Relieving Benefits Of The Ukulele?

It’s long been said that playing the ukulele is great for stress relief. Many people say that it’s impossible not to smile whilst you’re holding a ukulele. As someone who has definitely frowned whilst holding a ukulele, I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, but I would say that if you start out feeling bad, it can cheer you up no end, whether you’re playing on your own, or my preference, playing with others. It could be used as a form of mindfulness, as you need to concentrate and be in the moment when you’re playing the ukulele, rather than thinking about whatever the stressy parts of your day are. Also, as you usually sing along whilst you accompany yourself – playing the ukulele, you normally always feel better after singing and enjoying playing the music that you enjoy, than you did before you started. Singing on it’s own makes you take longer breaths, and it makes your head resonate in a pleasurable way. The ukulele is also great for making you concentrate on your fine motor skills, whether you have good fine motor control or not, it’s a great workout for the fingers (apart from those callouses) and it’ll take your mind off whatever it was that was bothering you when you started playing and singing.

In short, we agree with Peanuts:

Peanuts Ukulele

Peanuts want to issue all babies with a ukulele


And this lovely ukulele:

You Make Me Smile

This lovely ukulele make us smile


The ‘stress busting’ benefits has been shown in all of our classes, so we’re glad that we can offer you some light relief!

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