Kurt Cobain started on the Ukulele?

Did you know that Kurt Cobain started his career on the Ukulele?

I’ll be honest. I didn’t either, and I love the ukulele and was a massive Nirvana fan.

Watching the new Kurt Cobain film, Montage of Heck I spotted a very familiar four stringed friend hanging out with a less familiar, young Kurt Cobain. Apparently, Jimi Hendrix also started out on the ukulele, but I’ve yet to find a photo of that, and I’ve been looking since 2007. If anyone out there can help with that, I’d be eternally grateful!

Pics or it didn’t happen?

Well, thanks to Brett Morgen for including the clip, I was able to screen grab it.

So, here you go:

Kurt Cobain playing ukulele as a Child

Kurt Cobain playing ukulele as a Child


One day, I’ll tidy up the Famous Ukulele Players page and add him in there. One day, when I’m up to date with all the emails waiting for a reply…

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