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Johnny Depp 'Playing' Ukulele

Johnny Depp ‘Playing’ Ukulele

Jonny Depp (according to the Daily Star. Make of that what you will.)
“is rummaging around his dressing-up box in preparation to play 1930s Lancashire comedian George Formby.

Johnny, 50, has become a huge fan of the cheeky seaside entertainer since learning to play the ukulele-banjo – an instrument used by George.

In fact, Johnny’s latest party piece is performing a medley of Formby’s signature hits such as When I’m Cleaning Windows and Leaning On A Lamp-post.

Our man added: “Britain is like a second home to Johnny. He’s always filming here and especially loves the humour and music.””

4 Jan, edit: You probably already know this, but Johnny Depp is sadly not learning to play the ukulele. There have been a lot of ‘is he/isn’t he’ debates, and even reports of a trip to Wigan (George Formby’s home town, as it was reported that Johnny Depp was going to play George Formby in a film.) but there have been no conclusive sightings, either of Johnny Depp with a ukulele, or in Wigan.  Sorry to disappoint you all.

Also, Zach Braff (of Scrubs, Garden State, and many more) is learning ukulele for his latest role in Bullets Over Broadway.

Zach Braff learning ukulele for his latest role

Zach Braff learning ukulele for his latest role

If you want to see videos and find out who else is famous and plays the ukulele, see our page ‘famous ukulele players’, here.

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