Please do something nice for others this Christmas…

Hey there,

Christmas isn’t great for everyone. For those who can’t afford it or are homeless, Christmas can be stressful, lonely and freezing cold. Many people die due to that coldness. It’s something that I think about every year, which is why I tend to do or organise things for Crisis. The Royal George last week raised £37. Crisis ask for £23 to feed, clothe and bathe a person each day, so I’m hoping we can raise a bit more than that between us. :) I distribute the songs and set up/organise the jam nights for free, but I would ask that if you’ve had any benefit from anything I’ve done this year, would you do one of the following 3 things?

  1. Donate an old ukulele? I’m going into a homeless centre on 28 December, as I’ve been asked to either teach a session (if we raise enough cash to give the guests a ukulele each) and/or run a singalong to provide entertainment for the guests at the shelter. You are welcome to join me (see number 3). If you want to donate an old uke, I’ll be at Mercato Metropolinato on 14 December, and Tamesis Dock on 21 December leading Ukulele Wednesdays Christmas parties. All donations gratefully received.
  2. Donate money to the ukulele fund to buy ukuleles for the homeless (all money donated here will buy ukuleles for the homeless) £22.99 will buy a decent new uke. If you would rather your money went to food rather than ukuleles you can donate money or food to Southwark Food Bank.
  3. Volunteer your time. I’m going to run a lesson (if we get enough money to buy ukuleles) or a singalong. Email me to find out how to join me on 28 December.

Here’s the Ukulele Wednesdays Christmas Songbook 2016 to reward your kindness. :)

Hope you have a brilliant Christmas. :)

Lorraine x

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