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We’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and teaching some truly wonderful people.  By and large, we get to meet brilliant people, from all walks of life. More often than not, our groups gel and make friends with each other.  This creates a warm, happy atmosphere, in which classmates support one another’s learning.  Also, it’s really satisfying to see people who met on the course socially strumming together at Ukulele Wednesdays, long after their course has finished.  Caroline, a lovely lady from one such fabulous group (who decided to have a lesson which doubled as a Regent’s Park ukulele picnic in summer) sent me some sweet and cheerful photos of Maria and Ranee playing ukulele at Ukulele Wednesdays whilst I am off work, recovering after surgery.  It’s warmed my heart and cheered me up no end.  I love those types of emails. I’ve never been so pleased to see sunny faces still enjoying the ukulele even after my input has finished. That’s the best part of the job for me. Sharing the love and joy of singing and playing and having fun with new friends.  Ukulele is a social instrument, after all…

Maria and Ranee

Maria & Ranee

“You’re not just paying for a course. You’re paying for eight hours with a teacher who has the knowledge and commitment to give you guidance, tips, and every ukulele advantage.  Plus, you get to meet lovely people and have a good laugh along the way.”

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