Happy Easter! Easter Ukulele Songs?

We’ve been thinking about what would be an appropriate list of Easter Ukulele Songs for today.  What would be a good list of Ukulele  Easter Songs, or should that be ewe-kelele Easter songs?  Given the weather, maybe a touch of ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ or ‘Make Me Smile’?  If you’ve got a sweet tooth, maybe ‘Sugar Pie Honey Bunch’ or if you’ve spent a fortune on expensive eggs, perhaps ‘Price Tag’.  If you’re celebrating with  religious people, go for ‘I’m a Believer’ or ‘Daydream Believer’.  If you’re travelling to see family or friends, maybe a spot of ‘King of the Road’.

Whatever you decide to play, you can grab any of those ukulele songs we mentioned in the free Ukulele Wednesdays songbook – click here to see how to get a copy.

Right.  It’s time to get on with cooking the roast and gorging on Easter eggs.  That’s what today’s all about, surely?  Whatever you end up doing, be sure to have a great day!


Mozart Egg with Uke in Prague

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